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Originally Posted by merlot View Post

Session 1

Andy Wilkinson
Greg Hensmano
Chris Sutcliffe
Chris Coombes
Peter Foote
Chris Cundey
Mark Crossland
Ian Stoddart
Pete Dutton
Dan Gilmartin
Ryan Charlton
Dave Clements
Paddy Egan
Sinead Egan
Shaun Shore
Bruce Marshall
Andrea Marshall
Mick Mctighe
Nigel Smith
Ken Gould
Matt Ford
Philip Riches
Ricky Downing
Darryl Rees
Steve C
Dave Hatfield
Steve Lanyman
Dan Horrocks
Barry McCraw
James McLachlan
Andy McLachlan
Brian Heaps
Martin Peake
Emily Marsh (17)
Danny webb
marie webb
roger dyson

Session 2
Greg Hensman
Peter Higgins
Anthony Higgins
Lloyd Grove
Evan Grove
Connor stott (jnr)
Steve Stott
Robert Mobley
Chris Mobley
Paul Brittain
chris lee__________________
jim vickers
cr 97 in jim vickers ft stock bsa big 60 scope, and silly about of hunting guns
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