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Default Teams

I like the idea of adding more teams to the GP series. It does let more people get involved into the competitions then.

Id like the thought of say for instance myself shooting for air arms and being able to shoot for my club. 8 members per team and 4 scores count per comp. this would let people who could not make all the comps to not feel they need to be there. Just a thought......??

I also like the thought of having teams who are run by other sponsors as Rob said, such as scope manufacturers or clothing??

It is something that would need to be brought up to the BFTA at the next meeting. Now for great ideas like this to be brought up, I think it would be nice for lads such as JamesO to go to the meeting to put this forward. This is just my opinion, but the lads who have got alot of influence in the sport should put their ideas forward in the meetings.

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