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I'm glad this seems to have generated some interest.

I perhaps wasn't entirely clear, I was referring to the constructors teams however I don't see why there shouldn't be either a combined constructors/club/whatever team event or a separate club/small team event to run alongside the constructors.

The three man team event Chris Large ran a few years ago was very successfull so something like that might be good if someone is willing to organise it.

I do think that grades should be ignored completely, it complicates matters too much. We have enough problems selecting shooters for teams that are willing to travel to enough GPs without further restrictions. Remember these are competitions to find 'the best'

Whatever is done the Constructors theme I believe needs to stay as a way of linking the BFTA and FT with the manufacturers (which may possibly include, for example scope makers) which should benefit all even if it isn't always obvious.

This is complicated isn't it?
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