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Originally Posted by rich View Post

How long do your targets last if you blast them with 30
Ahem,..........that's why the reducer rings are there,......aftermarket reinforcement!

After panel beating all the club targets a few times after lending them out for National matches, we decided at our club that reducer plates steel riveted onto the front was the order of the day to protect the targets.

Anyone wanting to borrow our club targets after that had to deal with the reducers as part of the deal.

Don't get me wrong, I love shooting 40mm KZ out to full distance,.......but after SA we thought we had better up our game as far as reducers are concerned. There's always some will make comment about the difficulty of reducers, you know what I am talking about.

People aren't put off by the difficulty of a course. They get anxious about what other people will think of them and their ability. Some are scared of failure so they don't try in the first place, so we try to make it all about having fun and participation rather than competitiveness (well, some of us try).


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