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Question Team ????????????????


I see you have titled it TEAM Championship ? Is this going to be a different format or still based on constructors ? i.e. Air Arms , Walther , Styer format ?

What i mean by a different format is emphasied in the word TEAM not neccessarily Constructors .

Something i though of was for example i work for Delta Engineering Group, could they possibly submit a team ? But by doing this it will not necessarily be comprised of shooters all using the same kit thus drifting away slightly from the constructors format.

Same goes for other teams that could be possibly sponsored in some way shape or form , possibly Ian Harford with his Real Tree connections or Berty having a Police team ?
Larger teams is a good idea or again another idea i thought of was to incorporate a grade band for each team?
i.e. Team of 6 shooters comprising of 2 x AA , 2 x A , 1 x B , 1 x C , all scores count ? Again you will probably never irradicate the use of the odd so called bandit or two but it will make it a tad more competitive rather than a team being made up of for example six top end AA shooters whole could potentially run away with it.

Hope this gets the thread rolling with ideas...................... but it needs to be kept to a simple format.

Still Living the Dream ........................ ish

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