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Thanks for coming back, GS.

Could I ask, do you set a percentage limit on the number of reducers? Are you allowed to have a reduced kill positional shot, viz., stander or kneeler?

If you have 20mm kills out to 60 metres then even on a wind-free day that is no gimme, surely. That's more than 2 kills drop between 55 and 60 so rangefinding is really critical.
20mm only go out to 30 yards, but can be in forced positional lanes. We try to make smaller kills closer in, where range is restricted rather than put em out far. That is not the game,.....40mm are just as difficult when wind gets up. There was only one target that was over the regulation distance, I discovered that when I split it myself, being 20mm kill out at 41 yards exactly. We must have missed that one when we set up, being dog tired and wandering round like zombies most of that day. It was not the norm though.

TBH 55 yards has become the normal maximum range for us. For a Worlds, you could confidently expect 20mm to 30 yards, 30mm to 40 yards, 40mm out to 55 yards. Positionals would be most likely standers to 30 yards, kneelers to 40 yards max and this "may" include reducers appropriate to that distance depending on expected wind. The only twist is thatwhen building a course, I personally like to mix up uncomfortable firing points with inclines and declines, so its not "benchrest in the woods". Still a test of skill rather than a lottery.......which is the point of your post I gather?

Reducers are not limited to a percentage of the course, but I would envisage 25% max to be appropriate, so pretty much same as BFTA main shoot rules. Our rules are evolving over time to be in line with WFTF core rules, but still accommodate the high power" open class" that is traditional here. There is nothing quite like blasting away with a 30 ft/lbs Daystate or AA S410.......... Gotta realise that 12 ft/lbs is new to us, and we are just still putting that in place........but at the weekend, the high scores of the match were from the few 12 ft/lbs rifles in slowly getting there.

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Thanks Gs for the reply it would appear that your guys have got probably the rareist commodity on planet earth (Common sense) it will be a long trip to make but if i can physicly and financially i will be there to share your hospitallity and what looks like some fine shooting land, 5 years is not really a long time away all the best
steve page
Dunno about the common sense part, but its still very user friendly over here. We'll be looking forwards to it. Despite the new Air Rifle regulations, its still the best place in the world for shooting here.


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