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Looks good to me not unlike some of our grounds over here when is the worlds likely to be over their assuming that we will be able to get a temporary fire arms certifiacte from the NZ government.(maybe now would be aa good time to start the enquiries because if the NZ government is like ours it will take years to try to sort something out)
There was a section not shown in the video where we shot into the "woods", from an open field, as well as the gully section. It was the first time many of our shooters had shot a 50 shot course (as opposed to 25 shots done twice).

Worlds could be as close as 5 years away in NZ, depending on the hosts ahead of us on the list pulling out.

Visitors Firearms Licence will be no problem, for competition shooting we will provide an official letter to accompany the application. I will be working on streamlining it as much as possible well before time, as Police do not consider the FT crowd a problem. It is the Big Bores they want to get under control, so it should be a rubber stamp process.

Hoping we will run an additional class alongside the main event, in which open class rifles will be able to be used. Hoping some USFT guys will come over as well from the states, and make it more inclusive.

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