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Originally Posted by rich View Post
Just reading the NZAFTA rules regarding target placement, as there was a comment that some found the course too hard, many scoring less than half the targets.

I see that the rules don't specify a kill zone size so I guess they are all the default 40mm with no reducers. Also the target distance can be from 10m to 60m.
Our conventions allow as small as 20mm reducers out to 30 yards, anything in between 20mm and 40mm elsewhere. It was not hard for PCP's. It was hard for spring piston rifles and those not used to FT.

If there had been any wind at all, it would have been hard, but there wasn't. It was very hot and breathless, which caused its own problems.

The target KZ size and placemement was not an issue. Shooter experience was for some the biggest disadvantage.

It was after all said and done the New Zealand Championship match, and therefore there were no Gimmes. Most of your fellas would have cleared it.

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