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Originally Posted by Levidog View Post
Having recovered from the trials and tribulations of last week, just thought I'd mention a few people on Sunday that make our sport the most united and friendly there is.

Like most people I'm a bit financially strapped a the moment but Dave Hatfield was determined that I wouldn't miss Quarry as I had Emley. He met me and took me on Sunday and has offered the same service to the Extreme series.

When my gun ran out of electricity (I'm a pratt) Laity ran over and offered me his lead and battery. When that failed to work we tried another. I was about to give up when Darrell offered me his spare rifle. I tried it but being a right handed stock it wasn't ideal. Then Ryan came up with a car lead Steve Gillies offered me the use of his van for two hours (engine running) to try and charge the rifle.

Finally Sparky let me join the second group to give me time to do the charging.

So a huge thank you to everyone involved

See you all at Bisley
And that's why i like HFT in a nutshell.....mind you i reckon most of the NEFTA FT lads would do the same.
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