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Originally Posted by Ste Hughes View Post
i'm just making sure i don't miss any - i would rather ask like this than use the list incase shooters are no longer using AA rifles. that list was started in January

and i don't think the organisers record what guns people use so they can't do it automatically (unless you mean they go through 220 cards at each round by hand, as if they don't have enough to do already)

thanks for the score though
I don't mean to heap more work on the organizers, but I think it is a more accurate way of doing it. They maintain a spreadsheet of participants for the year, which they adjust/add-to as the season progresses. Adding an extra column doesn't seem like too much extra work to me.

Alternatively, after entering the scores into the spreadsheet, someone could sort the cards by manufacturer and hand them to the team captains for counting.

Right now, I imagine half the people couldn't be asked to try and find someone they haven't met before to submit a score for a competition they don't get anything for anyway.
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