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Originally Posted by verminator View Post
Why is it you have to pick these scores up manually? Can't you wait for the scores to be published, then cross-reference it with the list of AA shooters? The list is somewhere in another thread.

Come to think of it, since we all write the make/model of airgun on the score sheets, the organizers can sum the team scores automatically.

I won the .22 class with 43, very tricky course. Not sure that score will help you much though.
i'm just making sure i don't miss any - i would rather ask like this than use the list incase shooters are no longer using AA rifles. that list was started in January

and i don't think the organisers record what guns people use so they can't do it automatically (unless you mean they go through 220 cards at each round by hand, as if they don't have enough to do already)

thanks for the score though
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