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Default How do you Fix an Ev2?

How do you miss is easy to answer, you dont. Just look at the results coming in with ev2 in top place such as Tondu last Sunday.

However, how do you fix one is another matter.

My dog with two dicks / double cocking problem was skillfully and most thankfully sorted by Peter (Countorik) Jacob last Saturday, by adding two pieces of negative film over the brass bush thingy in the trigger housing.

another problem however arrose in that the bit of metal that sticks up through the top ( I call it a sharks fin) was now, when the gun was cocked, stuck back towards the rear of the gun.

No problem with consistancy, just poweer was down about 50fps!

Was going to have Doz have a look at it today at Nelson but he was called away so no time. Have had the masters words of wisdom on how he would fix it however, so hopefully will be polishing and cleaning evertything this week to try and improve things.

I dont get these problems with my NJR!

On the pluss side, after 4 or 5 attempts to cock the gun today at the club, when I had set it up it seems a perfect match with the 32x Luep. With power at 805fps there was a fairly flat curve and accuracy was spot on.
Just hope one day (soon) i will get to shoot in in anger, not shoot it and end in anger lol
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