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Originally Posted by Kenny-W View Post
And we thanked you for the invite Graham, and as was discussed in great detail and at much Length may i add! We declined on the basis that all the clubs onboard within the league are affiliated to UKAHFT the governing body. We see no need to confuse the matter by getting involved with a 3rd party.

All I have indicated is that SARPA i.e. all the clubs wish to review the grievances with SHFT and how we want to run competitions and select a national team.


P.S. Sorry all at STB for taking up valuable bandwidth
No worries Kenny everyone enjoys a good bun fight, the bit in bold puzzles me as I know SHFT Comps are run to UKAHFT rules and as Pete has said the Team selector is appointed by UKAHFT so there is nothing to discuss about that really as it comes from the UK governing body not SHFT. Everyone knows my views on Comps that are run to micky mouse rules so I wont bother repeating them. Now if the clubs have got genuine grievances with SHFT then thats for you lads to sort out (Its probably about the biscuits, it always is), but to me it sounds like someone wants a say in how you run your Comps. There is a standard reply that Sparky uses for that but its not repeatable but if its not broke don't fix it
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