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Originally Posted by teratopside View Post
You hit the nail on the head, we're not telling clubs how to run their shoots (other than FT) that's dictated by whichever discipline you shoot, we only provide an event framework for national championships.

I even invited Kenny and Scoch to help run the show within the club framework.
SARPA is a network of clubs we just want an all-inclusive democratic championship of all Scottish clubs and individuals leading to a Scottish champion and team.

Pretty simple really.



We already have a Scottish champion in Sean Webb and a Scottish Team.

This has been put to bed on AGS, don't stir it on here and misquote or we will just end up back at square one and have the same arguement again, we have agreed to meet and talk, with the reps from other clubs, and when you supply one from Grampian, ie not you, as that would be a conflict of interest, he will be able to come to this meeting where we will see what grievences are raised.

There is cock all simple in Scotland. You are selling your side of the story very well here but Kenny and I know most of these folks very well and they would take us at our word. Lets just no go there at this point in time.
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