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Just a little clarification to those with a misunderstanding of what the Scottish organization SARPAstands for.

Yes originally SARPA was purely an FT and organization continues to be the FT governing body, but that was in the past since then it has changed to cover multiple disciplines, HFT and FT being two of them.

A little history: in 2008 clubs were complaining that the individual subscription system as previously deployed was not what was required; SARPA should be club based and represent all shooters in Scotland. In the 2009 AGM this change was passed changing SARPA’s role from primarily an FT members club to one that looks after every affiliated club member and individual member defending their shooting rights and looking after their needs.

In addition to providing an organization that provides a network of club support throughout Scotland.
FYI the management committee of SARPA is made up 100% of club chairs and reps (ONE PER CLUB). in 2011 once ratified at the AGM there will be a seat for every affiliated club in Scotland and one for an individual shooter rep.

In Scotland we have additional concerns to those of the rest of the UK, we have the Calman report passed which could see the end of airgun shooting (without some form of license). As Chair of SARPA I take my responsibilities very seriously, not only building the bridges into government but building a network of contacts though SACS, BFTA, BASC and anyone else who could aid the cause.

As to SARPA interfering with SHFT, we have not, I am responding to growing concerns of many club members accross scotland, on the original TEAM format from 2008/9 I made sure my club was involved.

All I have indicated is that SARPA i.e. all the clubs wish to review the grievances with SHFT and how we want to run competitions and select a national team.

As there has been such an outcry from both sides of the argument on other forums I am in the process of scheduling a meeting of all interested parties to resolve the issue.

Not regular protocal but I hope all other clubs will send me their AGM minutes so I can post them for public scrutiny.

Graham Ellis

First and foremost in all things shooting, as SARPA Chair I will endeavor to look after all members interests from grass roots shooter to top shot.

SARPA Chairman 2010
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