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Originally Posted by Mog View Post
I know this is unlikely to happen, but here is the scenario....
Shooter A at peg 1 shoots target 2 by mistake and 'kills' it, shooter B at peg 2 fires a fraction of a second after, as his target falls flat, and misses completely. Quite rightly shooter A gets a donut, but what about shooter B?
Thats a good question.

IMO if all parties agreed this is what happened then the chief marshal should be called and then explained the situation and as you said shooter A would get the 0 and shooter B should on this occasion be allowed to take his shot again as it was through no fault of his own.

But this shouldn't be confussed with if the target was already down and not as you described then its a 0 as always best to pull the string and make sure targets are reset.

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