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For wafta, a cracking entry of 45 shooters were at todays final Summer Wafta round.

Summer by nature and summer by name. Summer are not
Nice Sunshine through the day, no wind at the start with just a whisp of a breeze as the day progressed which, combined with the course set out by Dave Gage produced on the whole a perect set of results

Little Jack was first on the scene, Your scores and stats collator (me) was somewhat worried when arriving at the ground (8.10am) this morning to find the Young Welsh star with his elder driver as the quarry has been runoured to be a saturday night haunt.
The pair (not mentioning Toms name) assured me all was well and that they had only just arrived.

First on the scene and first past the post thus was the little fella with a top score of 35 x 40, this despite having two called targets ruled out by marshalls. You did not bloody hit that
Peter Jacob tied on 35 and then took the 1st place prize money after a shoot off.
Not sure what Planet I am on lol Peter won the shoot off. In my defence, jacks card is marked as 1st?

Having failed to clinch one shoot off, Jack then set about dispelling the myth that 15 ml kills are too hard by dropping the "Vermin" 15ml kill, 2 ex 3 to take the overall vermin prize money by beating Berty.
Did I mention this was standing?
Topping off the day the raffle prize went Jacks way way making it a Master of all today it seemed! Well done young man, but wait till i get a working Ev2

John "The bank" Lewis took a superb 3rd place despite being crocked and with the ban on him bringing his S400 to tondu in place! Top shooting by the Wafta Chairman and I am sure I speak for all when i wish you well in your upcoming operation on the dodgy peg and hope to see you in FT action asap.


A class

Peter Jacob 35 ex 40
Jack "I hit that" Harris 35 ex 40
John the Bank 34 ex 40
Berty "My Ev2 is broke, fixed, broke, Bassett" 34 ex 40
Dave "Irish Jig" Williams 33 ex 40
Gary "Dwarf" Powell 33 ex 40
Jason "This walthers great" Davis 32 ex 40
Gwyn "1" Robinson 31 ex 40
Mike "Falcon" Long 30 ex 40
Keith "Knockers" Davies 29 ex 40
Dave "its my course" Gage 27 ex 40
Nigel "Duff Styer" Hayman 25 ex 40
Pat Issacs 20 ex 40

B Class

Mark "Let me in A class please" Shepard 32 ex 40
Mark "let Shep in A class please" Thomas 30 ex 40
Derk "Black paint makes you shoot left" Bendon 29 ex 40
John "Grandad" Parry 29 ex 40
Dean Jukes 27 ex 40
John "Where's the Targets" Johnston 27 ex 40
Russel "Joy stick" Summers 27 ex 40
Gething Long 26 ex 40
George Loder 26 ex 40
Craig Morgan 25 ex 40
John "I am not george" Redwood 25 ex 40
Steve "Early Riser" Kociombas 22 ex 40
Ieuan Potts 22 ex 40
Vince Bowen 22 ex 40
John "my dad slept late" Kociombas" 19 ex 40
John "I have to make Steve look good" Thomas 18 ex 40
David Parton 17 ex 40


Chris "I shoot Deer" walton 30 ex 40
R.Welcher 27 ex 40
Steve "Hit the Bank" Chubb 27 ex 40
Luke Davies 26 ex 40
Daeton Harvey 25 ex 40
C.Corrbett 24 ex 40
Tom "Jacks friend"Gould 24 ex 40
Mathew "Vermin" Cook 22 ex 40
Steve "its my 1st time i should hit 30" Morgan 22 ex 40
Natalie "Berty set my gun up wrong" Lang 19 ex 40
GarethJames 17 ex 40
A. Bailey 15 ex 40
Stephen James 14 ex 40
Ian "Davis" davies 13 ex 40
David "I hit the 44 y Stander" Cooper 10 ex 40

comments and photos as ever, only meant to humour.

Pics and some moor stats later.
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