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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
To be fair, the only shoots any organisation has a say in is the ones that are run by it. Same with HFT as well as FT, and 10m and every other format, unless you happen to participate in a sport where the rules are owned and protected by a powerful organisation. Looking to something like Netball, unless it's for educational purposes, you can't play a competitive game of it, even for fun, in any league, unless you pay your own personal affiliation fee... end of. You certainly can't copy it either, or simulate it... you have to come up with something different. If not, you play by their rules, or not at all.

It will depend on the constitution the clubs have signed up to, or the relationship they wish to retain and the dynamic between the participant and the organisation.

WAFTA and SARPA are different to the EFTA in that they are regions of the BFTA as well as National Governing Bodies, the EFTA isn't a member of the BFTA. EFTA does not organise any events except being as a host for the WFTF Worlds when they visit England. It's primary role is to provide an English FT team and to be in the WFTF.

Well put Rob, couldnt have stated it better mate!

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