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Originally Posted by JAGXKRS View Post
LOL I know what would be said if those two organisations tried to tell HFT lads in England&Wales how to conduct there shoots

Well said, it amazes me how shooters hundereds of miles away from Scotand can understand and see that SARPA are only affiliated to BFTA: which means FT shoots only!

Basically there nose is out of joint because HFT is an up and coming popular discipline in Scotland and they think they should reap the 'spoils' earned by all the UKAHFT affiliated clubs!

SARPA have nothing to do with the SHFT (Scottish Hunter Field Target) league and never will, yet they sit and discuss it at FT orientated committee meetings?????
At the moment HFT in Scotland is in it's infancy and is trying to do the right thing by it's governing body (UKAHFT) but there seems to be a wee bone of contention from a 'New Club' who are trying to renaig on there affiliation and disrupt the current set up and think that a BFTA regional body over see a HFT league

Sorry to bother you lads down south, but it will resolve itself!

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