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Originally Posted by bunnyman View Post
Have noticed over the last few months some shooters wearing motor bike jackets, I did'nt think much of this untill today when I was out shopping with the wife.
I popped in to a bike shop and tried on one of the jakets with the armor. well I can only say unbeleavable these think just lock you up and give support for standing and kneeling, its just like a FT jacket.

Is there any rules on something like this ?

I know we are Hunter field target. Not Motor field target.

Just asking the question..............

Stuart Webb
Its not the armour you need its the weight, a good heavy leather jacket helps with stability. Those jackets that 10m air rifle shooters wear help a lot. Not sure how they would work laying down, but sitting and standing they make a difference. I have a suede car coat that weights a ton often thought about trying it.
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