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Originally Posted by skires View Post
Good points with just a hint of PMT Scoobs ...

I see what you are saying about the narrow margin between the top shots fella ...

... but the same could be said of the kneeling rule ... A top shot could be taking a really difficult kneeler ... it could be the difference between a win or second ... so he thinks " I'll just take a warning on this thank you very much and make sure I get the win by shooting in a 'better' but slightly dodgy position". Similarly they can do that twice a season.

I'm sure the top boys don't need to and wouldn't do this as they take as much pride in their own performance as winning ... but the same applies to the scenario that you explained.

I do the same as you and if I see a partner shooting at the wrong target I tell them.

OK Bozzer I'll put it another way then

We aren't changing the rule so live with it.... is that PMT enough for you
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