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Originally Posted by Scooby View Post
So if we were to follow your suggestion we could miss the hardest target on the course then claim to have shot at the wrong target, then taking the original impact point into account we could shoot it again. Not only can a shooter do this once in a season, he can do it twice ?

Have you any idea what Chaos it would cause to the series if some of the top shots started doing this, there would be no point in competing at all. Over the last three years some of the top placings have been separated by much less than one target.

The rules are there for a reason, they are there to allow everyone to shoot on a level playing, we have rules that are as fair as possible, we apply the same rules whether it's your first shoot or you are one of the top shots.

We've all shot the wrong target at some point which is why at the nationals all lanes have a number at the peg & the target, I try & make sure I always check the number of the target I'm about to shoot, I also try to spot which target my partners are shooting at & let them know before they shoot if they appear to be aiming at the wrong one.

Good points with just a hint of PMT Scoobs ...

I see what you are saying about the narrow margin between the top shots fella ...

... but the same could be said of the kneeling rule ... A top shot could be taking a really difficult kneeler ... it could be the difference between a win or second ... so he thinks " I'll just take a warning on this thank you very much and make sure I get the win by shooting in a 'better' but slightly dodgy position". Similarly they can do that twice a season.

I'm sure the top boys don't need to and wouldn't do this as they take as much pride in their own performance as winning ... but the same applies to the scenario that you explained.

I do the same as you and if I see a partner shooting at the wrong target I tell them.


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