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Default Easy tiger

Originally Posted by rich View Post
Berty, if too many of your lads come, I will have to come along with some of my crew to even it out and we'll have an unofficial WAFTA SWEFTA. This time with me in the team (cos I didn't shoot last Sunday) you'll all be struggling........
I did see you there Rich, but suprisingly you were constantly talking to people haahaaa.

Im hoping thaat by the time we come down (I will sort that with Chris), I will bring down my new set up. I got a funny feeling Chris will want a look at that then. It would be good to shoot the GP course again, I enjoyed it last time, just a shame my ev2 wasnt shooting well on the day.

Hopefully we would get enough down to have a day of it. Make sure there is plenty of tea to go around mind, We might bring our tea trolley dolley Darren. He will keep us all hydrated for the day. Plus if we take little Jack, darren likes to serve him? Cant see why though haahaahaa....

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