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Hi again folks,

Picked up my new box fresh S400 today filled it with air, fitted the scope and took it down the club to chrono it and zero the scope.
Put loads of pellets through the chrono and it was fairly consistent around the 11.5 mark, sometimes a little under, sometimes a little over but all fine so then i zeroed the scope.
Didnt take long zeroed at 30yds and almost right away started to produce some nice groupings (helped by almost zero wind)
had a slight hiccup though, I dont have my own cylinder so intended to use the club one until i can grab my own.
So i run low on pressure and head to the clubhouse for a refill only the cylinder hose plug thing doesn't fit my gun, so there ended my shootign for the evening!
I was told to go to best fittings but im not 100% sure what i should be buying lol
I was told that my gun has the new AA T-style adapter where as the club cylinder has the old AA style adapter?
appreciate any advice otherwise ill jst have to call best fittings and ask i guess?


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