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Originally Posted by skires View Post

That takes me back to my first post Pete ... Cheats could do that ( that's why I said it in the first post )... but again the innocent will suffer because the odd cheating tw*t will find a way to take advantage. That's why I proposed the 3 strikes and you are out like the kneeling position.

To repeat ...

Could a system like the dodgy kneelers ( 3 strikes and you're out ) be used?

In reality a shooter is unlikely to shoot more than the odd wrong target over a series ... so if they shoot a wrong target on a course they call a marshall who marks the card with 'WT' and they get to shoot it again. You are allowed just one 'WT' per course and just two over a series. If you break this then there are consequences. IE any additional 'WT' per course is a zero and if three in a series then the 3rd 'WT' and all following ones that season are zero.

This gives the cheats 2 shots in a season but they couldn't try it on regularly to gain an advantage.

It also gives youngsters or newcomers to the sport or those who are completely innocent a chance to get a better score and not be disheartened because they have a zero for innocently knocking down the wrong target.

So if a cheat wanted to try and take advantage he/she could do it once on two different shoots ... acquiring them 2 extra points in an entire season .... If they tried to do it repeatedly they would fall foul of the 3 strikes rule and would then just score zeros ... whilst the innocent would get to shoot ALL the targets on the course and not be penalised because of strict rules to deter cheats.

Just like the kneeling rule.

Or do nothing and take the **** out of stupid people. Thats what HFT is all about.

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