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No interest in fuelling flames here but Tim's review published earlier this year in Target Shooter (and I believe some other magazines) compared his preproduction against 2 production models provided by York Guns.

Tim's conclusion was that from his tests in a range of light conditions all three of the scopes range found with "the same level of accuracy and repeatability". He then described the scope as a "masterpiece of engineering".

Now I'm not doubting Tim's conclusions for one minute and I'm sure what he put in print is his honest experience. As a highly decorated shooter and regular contributor to shooting magazines an endorsement like this, (rightly or wrongly) will go a long way to convincing people to invest in what is a large sum of money. However there doesn't seem to be anyone else coming forward who has invested in one of these scopes that can attest to Tim's experience.

Now given that people value Tim's reviews (I'm sure his articles help sell magazines) perhaps, if he has time, a follow up review would be welcomed by the FT community to see if the experiences of others can be replicated through his test. S&B clearly value his input and if he were to find fault his findings might be taken with more consideration than S&B appear to be giving to their other customers.
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