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Default What you mean they need maintenance?

Todays session was a craker, or at least the plan was.

You see, every Ev2 i have shot which has been super accurate all had one thing in common that my Ev2 dont.
They all use Fat Jsb.

So, I was taken by the shinny new Air Arms tin and baught a tub of 8.4g to try, and just to see what Jsb were like picked up a tin of those as I have the offer of a job lot of no70 at 5 a tin!

However, today my Ev2 decided it would be like the others and developed trigggernoworkiti. Its fairly common with the Ev2!

Basically it was working, but the sears would not catch on the first cock of the leaver, I had to double cock (Should have been happy like the dog) or if it did catch on the first cock, once loaded and returning the lever the sear would slip, meaning you had to re-cock.

As James May would say, COCK!

So, plan B. Fit the NJR trigger to the ev2?

dont fit.

Plan c - Try fixing the crap Ev2 trigger

Plan D

Buy a walther

As it was, I managed some shooting.

tin of AA for sale, only 20 used, 5!

The fat Jsb were very accurate, but dropped like a stone in comparrison to my Express. So as I like the challange of the express and wind, i am sticking with Express.

Plan F,
danted with the Crap ev2 trigger I got the Tm rig out. No wind and it was putting pellet on pellet. When the wind picked up it was a pleasure to take the challenge of shooting an old gun with light pellets and memories of a fairly good summer came flooding back.
I wonder if its too late to let Gary Cane know the stock needs to be inletted for an NJR lol

Now Where are my screwdrivers
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