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Originally Posted by Scoch View Post
What has this got to do with the sightron scope, PM tim if you have to!!!!!

I hate ******** on open forums and keyboard heroes. He never forced you to part with your cash.
If you look I started this thread in the 1st place and I can take it where ever I like sunshine..... and I am no keyboard hero so wind your neck in...Alot of us have lost alot of money on this scope through no fault of our own other than listening to poor reviews on how wonderfull this scope if you were in my position then you would be just as upset as I am as well as the hundreds of other dissappointed S & B owners out there.

Now as per the sightron I would not now buy anything that a certain writer for mags has had any input into and I would not have found this out if i had never started this thread, I brought a EB sniper again as I know these scopes.
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