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Originally Posted by Sparky View Post
Not sure why you think someone who is unlucky enough to shoot the wrong target should be punished more than the 0 they will get???? And nobody is allowed to take another shot anyway, wrong target or not.

Its not as if they are cheating as if they kill the target and then go to reset it won't go so they get a 0, and if they dink the target, how is anyone going to know they shot the wrong target and i don't know anyone who would willing take a chance on shooting the wrong target.

Not punished more Pete. It's explained in 1st post.

Can someone please explain why you get a zero and don't get to shoot the proper target to test your skill on all the targets on the course. Please don't answer with ... cos it's the rules ... is there a real reason why wrong target shots are not just laughed at but then the shooter gets to shoot the real target?

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