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Originally Posted by Fox View Post
Is it just me or is any one else finding the EV2 Mk4 a bit long, ok siting but on kneelers & especialy standers I find it a bit long & harder to control.

With this in mind I have begun to think about shortening the barrel / cylinder but thought I would ask if any one has had it done & what the results were.

What do you mean by too long is it that it is too muzzle heavy for you it could be down to the fact that either the scope is to far forward or the butt padd is in the wrong place, what you need to do is find one of your club mates to have a look at your rifle whilst it is mounted in your shoulder to see if their is an obvious problem, most of the time a lot of lads with EV2s have their butt pads to low so you are actually fighting the gun rather than it fitting you i always set my gun up for standing anyway kneeling is not dis-similar and with in reason you can get away with sitting shots. i actually had a carbine EV2 which Mitch tombs has now got because he a junior and to be quite honest the gun is a bit light at the front end.
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