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Originally Posted by Acki View Post
more than Lambrusco, Chianti would say "being Toscano" But triveneto Grappa is very good! and also the wine, not bad

P.S. I see you have really appreciated Hungary and its beauties ... I also though, forgive me but your nick does not make me understand who you are, you were there at the World Field Traget?
I'm Zoltan Koszonits from Hungary. My nickname from my name: "K" like koszonits, and zozee as the nick of Zoltan. Yes I were on Worlds, I am the unlucky guy who sucked all weekend with his gun becouse of speed changing: my gun shoots between 194 and 234 mps with heavy pellets. Now my gun is fixed, and I practice a lot for Italy, to wash my shame

What I wrote not only becouse I appreciated my country but becouse almost every tabledancer are hungarian in Italy Of course that was a joke, but I like Italy so much, I going few times a year there by motorcycle.
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