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Post READING THE WIND or Shooting In The Breeze

Q. So many methods to read the wind, which does one use?
A. All of them! Or whatever works for you.

Here are some useful & possibly not so useful ones.
Please add yours or your thoughts.

HTML Code:
Wind Angle to	      Required
Pellet Path	              Multiplier

  0 Degrees		0.000
  5 Degrees		0.087
10 Degrees		0.174
15 Degrees		0.259 * 1/4 value
20 Degrees		0.324
25 Degrees		0.423
30 Degrees		0.500 * 1/2 value
35 Degrees		0.574
40 Degrees		0.643
45 Degrees		0.707 * 3/4 value
50 Degrees		0.766		
55 Degrees		0.819
60 Degrees		0.866
65 Degrees		0.906
70 Degrees		0.940
75 Degrees		0.966
80 Degrees		0.985
85 Degrees		0.996
90 Degrees		1.000 * Full Value
HTML Code:
0-1	      Smoke rises vertically.
2-3	      Direction of wind shown by smoke drift, but not by wind vanes.
4-7	      Wind felt on face; leaves rustle; ordinary wind vane moved by wind.
8-12	      Leaves and twigs in constant motion; wind extends a light flag.
13-18     Raises dust, loose paper; small branches are moved.
19-24     Small trees in leaf begin to sway; crested wavelets form on inland waters.
25-31     Large branches in motion; whistling heard in power lines; umbrella use is difficult
When faced with multiple crosswinds, you should time your shot so one wind is calm
and the pellet passes through the other, which is the only one you should compensate for.

Does it make any difference which of these winds is the one you shoot through?
Yes it does! Assuming that both winds are of equal velocity, the near wind has more time
to push the pellet sideways & will cause it to be much further off target than the far wind.
therefore you should shoot when the near wind is calm and compensate for the far wind, if that is possible.
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