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Default Wrong target !

I can see why a shot has to count when a gun is discharged. The cheats could claim that they had forgot to load a pellet on a miss or say that they were'nt ready to fire on a miss etc ...

... but wrong targets ?

Yesterday I was shooting a HFT course. Just a few targets to go and I'm on for a 56 which would have been a PB with the old springer. I get to the next peg ... a 30 yarder set on a bank at the back of a wooded area. It's a 45mm kill and it's prone so it's basically a gimme. The only thing to get in the eyeline is a tall tree who's trunk goes diagonally across the target and the edge of the trunk is in line with edge of the kill zone ... but that should be no problem.

As I always do, I check the string. I pull the string and the string runs for about 25 yards at ground level into the undergrowth ... then reappears and goes upwards behind the tree and to the target.

So prone ... no wind to worry about ... aim slightly low ... pull trigger ... Kerrrplunk ... and down it goes for a 2.

My partner who is marking my card ( and he'd set the course ) says " Ooooh unlucky "

I'm thinking he's having a laugh when I hear from a couple of lanes down .... " Who's just shot my bluddy target ? "

I claim that I've shot the right target ... but after a very very very close look ... the real target for this lane can just about be made out hidden in the shadows at ground level. Same distance ... same size kill .. so again , pretty much a gimme. As the string from my target went into the undergrowth the string from the other target lay over the top of it so as you tugged on my string the other string lifted up and rattled the wrong target which was lit with sunshine ... the real target being difficult to see in the shadows. It was a visual effect that Spielberg would have been proud of.

I score a zero.

A few minutes later a well known HFT shooter who is quite capable of winning a national shoot does exactly the same and so did other people that shot the course.

I clear the rest of the course and finish on 54. The guy I've just mentioned ends up on 57 and his 59 would have probably won it.

I'm not worried about my score ... it was just a club shoot.

I can sort of see that in competition, if wrong target shots were allowed to be shot again... a cheat might plate the real target and claim " Ooops ... I shot the wrong target ... I'd best take that shot again " ... or deliberately shoot at a close by wrong target so that they can get a judgement on distance and wind and then shoot at the real target with an advantage ...

... but I think that most of the wrong target shots will be taken by lesser/fun shooters ... maybe even youngsters who have just shot the wrong one in innocence. Also ... a fair percentage of them will be shot in innocence as above.

Are all the targets on the nationals numbered ( at the target ) to match the peg ? ( this obviously helps )

Could a system like the dodgy kneelers ( 3 strikes and you're out ) be used?

In reality a shooter is unlikely to shoot more than the odd wrong target over a series ... so if they shoot a wrong target on a course they call a marshall who marks the card with 'WT' and they get to shoot it again. You are allowed just one 'WT' per course and just two over a series. If you break this then there are consequences. IE any additional 'WT' per course is a zero and if three in a series then the 3rd 'WT' and all following that season are zero.

This gives the cheats 2 shots in a season but they couldn't try it on regularly to gain an advantage.

It also gives youngsters or newcomers to the sport or those who are completely innocent a chance to get a better score and not be disheartened because they have a zero for innocently knocking down the wrong target.

This of course will not in any way affect the p!ss taking when someone shoots the wrong target.


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