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Originally Posted by Acki View Post
No, no proof is only a protection against impact for the trip, with potatoes if you were hungry : D

Seriously, I think that protection serves to slow down changes in temperature, even if I do not think very similar. Rob did a similar about his test March, maybe he could give some more info maybe in a specific post.
it only appeared to slow the shift down... maybe useful for shoots where you are dipping in and out of strong sunlight for 20 mins or so, but it didn't stop the ambient getting to it... as there's only perhaps a couple of shoots i do a year where it could be a problem, i prefer to just bake it now and get it up past the shift point if there is a danger of shift... anything 10-26 isn't a problem... and to be honest it's only around 29 in bright sunlight i've seen it move. I've yet to have it at 29+ in shade... that's unlikely, but Italy could be interesting next year, but perhaps a little late to see it that hot.
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