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Originally Posted by finners View Post
Know the FACTS before spouting off like this.

You do not know the full facts, which I cannot publish on a public forum.

When you have proved yourself a good shot by winning many, many major events and have manufactures come to you time and time again , THEN you may be able to say things with any degree of credibility.

You and people like you are the resaon I avoid forums
Perhapes if you did publish the full facts on a open forum It might help us shooters that brought these scopes some recompense from S & B if there was a noted flaw before production then S & B need to honor there warrenty and fix these scopes . As you say your the best shot in the country and have tested many scopes in your time no-doubt ,so why or how did you miss this major flaw and not publish it. Perhapes you should use your influance and help us fight to get our our money back or not...........
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