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Originally Posted by popsheep View Post
decorating started today in the Bainbridge household .
Up the ladder taking the pictures down off the walls ,stepping off the ladder onto the staircase which I thought with my eyes were the same height but no it was 2 steps higher so I fell head first and smashed my arm and head on the baister but keeping the print of the springer spanial intact ,which I have to say pleased her somewhat.
Bloody hell I was dizzy as hell but after a coffee and a sit down got the paint out Dulux one coat ,just the best in our house.
Took the lid off and was about to start but the tin was in the wrong place ,lifted the oblong plastic carton but unbe known to me the wire handle had poped out of one side of the paint tin and as I lifted it up to mowe the bloody thing tipped to one end and the paint came ******* out all over the stair carpet,I was not pleased but she was even more madder than me .
I;m at the moment banished to the spare room and dont know when I;ll be allowed out .Its only 10;oclock on a Monday morning
Life sucks when your 63 and your eyes ar;nt what they used to be .

cheers Ian
pictures ? we want pictures ?
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