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Originally Posted by raygun View Post
If the prosecution have success in this case I can see the same thing happening all over.

They have been very open about modifying the rifles prior to testing to the extent of a witness saying that it was virtually his job to get them over power. The CPS appear to like it as well.

It will mean that any air rifle seized for testing can be modified until over power and the owner being held liable. It will in fact clarify the definition of "Capable" to the extent that no airgun could be considered "safe" to own unless "on ticket". I think we all know what that would mean.

So would i be right in thinking on the same basis as above that a police officer is entitled to force me to drink whisky then force me into a car and drive it so he can arrest me for drinking and driving because i own a car and am of a legal age to consume said drink (capable)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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