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Well, this was probably the most challenging HFT course I have ever shot. The 45 degree inclines and clinging on to the posts for those uphill shots was certainly new to me! In combination with the tricky wind, quite a few reducers and my crap shooting it made for an interesting and very enjoyable day. In my opinion, anybody that scored more than 55 ('cause my son scored 54!) deserves more than the gold medal!
The ground itself was set in a beautiful area of woodland, and the course setters certainly new how to test our ability to shoot either up or down hill. I cant remember any genuinely easy shots, and I also liked the use of large targets/small kill zones to confuse further my limited ability to range find!

I managed a 48 and to be honest, was reasonably happy with that due to the difficulty of the course. The course setters and Worcester Air Rifles club deserve a big pat on the back. Well done to all responsible.


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