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Originally Posted by IAN TAYLOR View Post
There is no way England would convince the rest of the world to shoot all 40mm kills, So if we can all agree a kill size and distance then the sport can go forward.
15mm kills up to 20 yards
25mm kills up to 35 yards
40mm kills up to 55 yards
40mm kills stand and kneel
It would be interesting to try this for the uk 2011 season.
does sound like a start... and then people can feed back... i think it would be obvious after a few shoots what people felt about them.

think you could go to 25mm on positionals, but keep them right close, say sub 20 perhaps 15... but softly softly... introducing a smaller size is probably enough of a step into the unknown. What it does is lessen the wind effect to a certain extent and make the skill more of a factor... even though in reality a 25 at 25 is no harder than a 40 at 40...
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