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would totally agree with this but then everyone has an opinion and getting total agreement is impossible. We are trying to reach a compromise in our region and i feel Ians idea's would work.

Originally Posted by IAN TAYLOR View Post
Great ideas are coming out these countries but when are we going to get a set of rules in black and white,British top level shoot consist of long range 40mm targets.I think we are going to have to fall in line with europe with a mixture of mini kills.How do you think the course in hungary would have shot at weston park this year.
Some rules ideas for the worlds
Standers 40mm max distance 40 yards
kneelers 40mm max distance 45 yards
Targets in dark area to have light colour face plate, Targets in light area to have face plate dark.
Any target can fail shooter at this level should have the right to call it and have a check.
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