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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
si, remember though that you're a good shot (there, i said it )... pellet on pellet at 20 yds is not something many in the field can achieve with a consistency, or can even achieve. For me, 10mm is too small... with a pellet being 4.5mm you are talking barely 2mm of movement before a split becomes a distinct possibility.

You've lost the plot lol

I dont consider myslef a good shot. Good shots are those shooters who are consistantly in the top 10 - 20. I had my best year this Gp season because I got the right pellets for my gun, nothing else really. Quite a few targets went down this year through what i call luck!
I hit some big kills at varying ranges over 40+ mainly due to luck, the sort of shots where i only just guesed the wind right and crept in side edge, or slit and they went down. I got all my reducers through good shooting though?

Personally, i would liek to see 1 inch kills out to 40yards and 15 ml kills out to about 25 -30. Thats far better to me than a course of 40mm kills all past 40 yards.
However, as a start i would propose only 2 15 ml kills and 2 25ml millks past 35 yards. Walk before we run?

Ii like the variety of courses over the Gp series as they are, though a couple of them needed proper wind, like we had at Sywell and Tondu.
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