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Originally Posted by elite warrior View Post
25yrd for me pete as it suits the 15mm kills, aimpoints are not an issue if you can range find with eye/bracketing IE you no what is 45rds and what is 35yrds . where as with the 25yrd you have 1mil dot at 13 yrds and then flat to 25yrds wich is where i have noticed a few comps are won and lost (on the mini,s).i was origanally 30 but kept missing the reducers

martyn g
Hi martyn

Just to clarify, your 25 yard zero means 1mil dot for 13yards targets and then its flat upto 25yards?

My (new) zero of 30 yards means i can shoot straight at any 15mm target ie:13 to 25 yards, its just when you say 1mil dot at 13yards seems ALOT to me, my old 35yrd zero was only half a mil dot at 13yrds....... was the "1mil dot at 13yrds...." a typo martyn?

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