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I agree withy what Ian is saying, at least we would have an idea of what we would be looking at when we do go away.

I agree with James, practice is what maakes us better, I practice all my close distances to ensure I know where to aim when it matters.

What I was asking was... what do people think themselves of reduced kill zones on courses and would they like to see 15mm kills involved in courses or make 25mm kills a little longer? That is what I was getting at. There is a mixed feeling which I knew there would be regarding this issue.

It would be good if persons aired their opinions and put it to their regional reps for the BFTA meetings so we can chat about them there. It would be even nicer if some people who are big names in the sport went to the BFTA meetings as they would be able to give better ideas of setting up courses. The same people could then give their thoughts and experiences on FT courses that they have competed within in other countries???

Again just a thought.

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