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si, remember though that you're a good shot (there, i said it )... pellet on pellet at 20 yds is not something many in the field can achieve with a consistency, or can even achieve. For me, 10mm is too small... with a pellet being 4.5mm you are talking barely 2mm of movement before a split becomes a distinct possibility.

the reducer thing for me is just another different colour in the paintbox... something that can be used to add something to a course, rather than something that has to be used... there is a 'guideline' in bfta for standers and kneelers... so you could have perhaps 2 lanes with guidelines to make sure that it doesn't become a tour de force. Like I say, once accustomed, i think the fear factor would wear off, or at least bring a grin to the face of those that thought they could not hit them.

if it was optional, perhaps it would allow a bit of field testing say in winter leagues to see how people actually feel about them after shooting them...

i think this year, it wasn't really the idea that England need to have these on a course to keep their heads above the rising tide on the world stage, more that i think everyone actually really enjoyed the challenge they gave... ie it was fun. I was really impressed by how every shooter, of every level stepped up their game in Hungary. I was going around with a couple of shooters, Zoltan from Hungary hit around the 30 mark with a zos and s400, Marcius from Lithuania was nervous day one but i knew he was better and hit around the 40 mark when he got his nerves settled, again with not top end gear... the realisation was that the course was tough with no room for error, but if the work was done, the targets were gettable with skill rather than luck.

Ok, so there was little wind (i found them more problematic when it was at it's lowest)... but i reckon on GP's that 25mm's are being hit even in quite high wind with a certain amount of skill... ok, so that becomes a much harder test, perhaps hit by a higher grade shooter on average... but that's course building really... a good one is matched to the field with something for everyone. That reducer in the field at the euros seemed to fall over with a certain amount of regularity when certain people were on it.
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