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I think at least some rules need to be defined... thinking of a strategy, it's probably easier to deal with the ones most if not all should agree on.

Here's just some ideas...

1) WFTF language to be English.

2) 50m max distance for a target. (measured by tape from line)

3) Courses should be intermingled (as per SA and Hungary)

4) Trigger behind line (line being the imaginary one between posts when observed).

5) Rules reviewed once per year.

6) Free water on all courses.

Once I think some aspects are nailed down, it might then be easier to see where we could get tangled up.

Personally I think rules should be proposed 6 months before date to the WFTF, and formalised no later than 3 months beforehand... i'd like to see that more like 9 and 6, but that i think will only become easier once more rules are agreed.

I can have a natter with Mick and see perhaps if we can make a suitable way of canvassing at least what the EFTA is to say. Perhaps we can just have an open consultation over a month or so... but there has to be some way of sifting opposing opinions. I mean everyone's opinion is valid so perhaps we also need to just promote what is agreed rather than worry about what is conflicted.
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