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The whole issue of reduced kills is a very emotive subject, but that's what internet forums are all about......

Our UK weather conditions are odd, during the last couple of summer seasons we have been lucky in that the wind has been light at the majority of the rounds. Therefore it is easy for us to forget just how challenging it is to shoot in the wind, Weston being a prime example, Even the Welsh Open wind wasn't that blowy and look what happened to the scores at each.

Now think about Mr (or Mrs etc) Average shooter, whom make up the majority of the FT shooters in the World. Do you want to put them off shooting GPs by making them overly difficult at best and a lottery at worst? Put those shooters off and we won't be winning anymore World Champs because we won't have the solid base of competitors we have now to draw from in the future.

Another feeling I have about reduced kills is this, and I hope this doesn't sound pompous, but.....If you have zeroed your rifle properly hitting a 15mm kill out to 25yds should not be a problem, unless of course we are suffering from some good old fashioned British weather. So if our courses are generally longer because of more long distance full size kills I think that is better practice for World Champs events where you might come across a few small killls which, with a little preperation, you should be able to nail anyway.

Of course there many more arguments for and against, but I thought I'd add fuel to the fire

And by the way don't come and ask me to shoot a 15mm kill at 25yds and not miss it
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