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I've got some stats but readily available only for my home course. At the March league shoot we had seven kills at 26mm and three at 14mm. The toughest 26mm was at 41 yards; 16 out of 34 competitors knocked it over, and interestingly the C graders were about as successful (or otherwise!) as the top guys. Probably means it was a hard target to read and everyone shot it as a guess....

Overall the strike rate on the reducers was slightly higher than with the full size kills, 67% compared to 61%. It was the long full size kills that proved to be the toughest, but then this is a place that can be made a lot harder by the wind. We had six targets at 50 yards or more, two of them just inches under 55 yards. Average strike rate was 38%, with AA shooters doing on average twice as well as the C graders. Having said that, nobody got all six down, and two of the AA graders didn't get any of them at all.

In our case then, the reducers were there by and large to introduce some variety rather than to destroy confidences and deflate egos. We have enough space to lay out 25 lanes all at 55 yards and leave room to park a hundred cars but it wouldn't be very entertaining.
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