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Default Setting courses

maybe I was wrong to say to try this at GP level first, would clubs be interested or regions to try them out at local shoots first? At least this would give us the flavour of what we mean for them to then be implemented into GP courses. I would look at them as an option that we COULD use, that doesnt mean we HAVE to use them?

It was just an idea for people who do want to shoot Worlds courses abroad as we wont have one in Britain for a years yet sadly. A 15mm kill zone at say max of 25yds isnt a bad shot, you know you would have to work hard at it in case of wind on the day. 25mm kills out to 40 yards, again just a thought, it makes you sharper when going for your shot. I hear alot of people saying a 35yd reducer isnt a hard shot, but it isnt a gimme???

Well Im just thinking out of the box to try new things for the sport. It wouldnt be fair on a new beginner shooting ridiculously hard courses at club or region level never mind at GP level. Thats why we all try and set a course to suit the audience we cater for. I simply said about these changes to see what people thought?

Would it really be an isue to have a 20yd 15mm kill on a GP course now and then?????? We talk about how good the courses were in Hungary etc, it would sharpen us all up for when we go awaay or for when we attend shoots in general.

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