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Session 1
Andy Wilkinson
Grego Hensman
Tom Morris
Chris Coombes
Peter Foote
Pete Sparkes
Derick Stone
Mick Mctighe
Nigel Smith
Chris Sutcliffe
Matt Ford
Connor Ford 9-13
Pete Dutton
Dan Gilmartin
bruce marshall
the wife
mini marshall
Peter Underwood
Andrew Underwood 9-13
Darryl Rees
Dave Martin
Ryan Martin
Mick Goodenough (Hopefully)
Ian Hunter
Dave Hunter
Chris Cundey
Mark Crossland
R P McMurphy
Colin McKinley
Gareth James
Stephen James
Dan Turner (don't really mind which session I shoot in but I'll probably be there early)
Jane Sparkes (hopefully)
Malcolm Morris
Nigel Walker
Paddy Egan
Matt Underwood
Duane Grace
martin Grace
phil johnson
jamie johnson
paula johnson
Dai Storey
Simon Howarth
Simon Harrison
Mark Leck
Marcus Leck 9-13
Ian Stoddart
Ken Gould
Rob Lamerton ( if I can shoot 1st session? ) Get there early and you can
Steve Lanyman
Ricky Downing
Sinead Egan
Martin Peake

Session 2
Greg Hensman
Peter Higgins
Anthony Higgins 9-13
Tom Morgans
Steve Cartledge
Zak Godsell
Lloyd Grove
Evan Grove
Johnny Smith
Nathan Smith
Richard Baldwin
Cat Gomm
Rob Hobs
Micheal soper
Tom Nelson (RancidTom)
Pete Cox
Tony Lamsdale
Steve Liddamore
Nicola Pearson
Jonathan Pearson
Lee Bladen
Michelle Caldwell
Bob Clay
Steve Whiting
Andrew Reynolds
C Instone
Will Catcheside
James McLachlan
Andy McLachlan
Steve Stott
Conor Stott
Ollie Wadcock
Louise Bignall
Andrew Reynolds
Robert Mobley
Christopher Mobley 14-16
David Daybe
Phil Riches

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