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Originally Posted by berty177 View Post
With them I didnt mean for them all to be 25mm kill zones, but what we were chatting about was 25mm under 30 yards.

This might be worth having a look at in the GP series initially to see what the lads think?

If regions want to have a go at it then they can, just a suggestion thats all.

There is a difference in UK than abroad, there is alot more of a wind factor over here than abroad for us to look into. When theres no wind 15mm kills take out the persons who make any little mistakes.

In good wind like we get over here, they might become lottery shots.

It is something we can look into though, theres nothing worst than stepping upto an 8yd 15mm kill, you really do have to know your dials for those ones....

Hi Guys i am not against reduced kneelers or standers for that matter as long as they are in a decent position if they are 40ft up a tree they become lottery shots 1 inch kill on the floor would not be unlike shooting pigs or chickens, 40 yard 1" kills on the floor again are ok but again 4o feet up a tree they become lottery shots 15mm in this country need serious positioning like you have stated because of the wind.
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